Once Upon A Havanese

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    Once upon a time in a far away land called Havana, Cuba there lived a fluffy creature called a Havanese.  With a silky flowing coat and a bouncie personality the favorite they quickly became.  

For the love for human companionship and their playful desires these fluffy creatures became a beloved circus dog.  

    The Havanese have a small but sturdy frame of 6-15 lbs. These lovely pets will not make you sneeze for they have hair instead of fur and do not shed.  Their hair can be trimmed short or be left long and flowing.  They love to please and learn tricks. They quickly pick up on routines and are very smart.

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About Us

We are not a “Puppy Mill” which means we do not sell puppies that are not registered or raised by us. None of our puppies are brought in from out of state from someone else for us to sell. Our puppy’s are bred and born in our home.

Our puppies have been given all of their parvo vaccinations before they are available for purchase.

Our puppies are sociable, cheerful and independent because they are family oriented. We talk and play with our puppies during their first weeks in this life. I have children of my own who interact with the puppies on a daily basis. Our grown females and males are very happy and well cared for pets. We are a home-based business and our dogs are our pets. We are not a commercial kennel, but we are registered and approved by city animal services.

With your puppy you receive a health guarantee, current vaccinations and AKC registration paper after spay/nueter.   Health Guarantee is as follows: All of our puppies are guaranteed for a period of 7 days for current health and one year congenital/heredity defects, as per California Law. Written diagnosis from a licensed vet is required again, as per California Law. 

Payment Information

I will accept personal checks, PayPal or Venmo for deposits only.  

For the balance Cash for those who pick up in person

For Pay Pal there will be a fee of $30.00 for the transaction. 

All puppies must be paid in full including any shipping charges prior to being shipped


Here is the contract you will receive with your puppy, I have posted it here for your convenience to read over first.


BUYER agrees to not breed this dog. This puppy is sold as a pet only. AKC papers will be provided after seller receives Spay/Neuter certificate.

SELLER guarantees to the best of their knowledge that puppy is in sound health, free from any symptoms of communicable disease at the time of purchase. The BUYER is being provided with records of immunizations received and wormings. From the point the dog/puppy has been delivered and accepted by buyer, the buyer is responsible as the dog/puppy’s caregiver for future care.

BUYER agrees that the puppy will be examined by a Licensed Veterinarian of their choice within five (5) business days of acquisition or delivery. This benefits both parties, ensuring you are receiving a sound puppy. Failure to do so will VOID all health guarantees implied or stated in this contract. The BUYER must keep the puppy up to date with all vaccines and check-ups required, if not the SELLER’S guarantees will be VOID. SELLER is not responsible for any veterinary expenses incurred at any time after the puppy leaves the SELLERS premises. Please keep proof of all veterinarian visits, shots given, etc. The SELLER, under any condition will not pay veterinarian fees. If the puppy expires from distemper, parvo, corona, hepatitis or leptospirosis with TEN (10) days of the date of purchase, seller will replace the puppy with another puppy of equal value. The buyer must produce vaccination records from their veterinarian and up to date vaccination records or the warranty is VOID. SELLER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ILLNESSES, ETC, DUE TO THE BUYER’S VETERINARIAN RE-VACCINATING PUPPY OR ANY MEDICATION GIVEN CAUSING ALLERGIC REACTION.

SELLER guarantees the puppy for ONE (1) year per California Law and this only applies if the puppy has a LIFE THREATENING congenital disease/illness , I.E. heart, lungs, kidneys. SELLER guarantees that if puppy is found to have a life threatening congenital disease within (7) days of receipt by a Licensed Veterinarian, the puppy may be returned , with a signed letter from the Veterinarian ,at BUYER'S expense and (at seller’s discretion) be replaced when another puppy is available. The SELLER always reserves the right to take the puppy to their own Veterinarian for a second opinion.

Health Guarantee is for any LIFE THREATENING disease or birth defects. SELLER ask that any congenital or hereditary defects be brought to their attention. These defects can vary in severity and may be life threatening or may be a small inconvenience. Therefore they will be dealt with on a basis by basis situation. Because there are so many known hereditary and congenital defect that are specific to each breed: each and every one cannot be mentioned on this guarantee. The puppy is guaranteed until one year of age against genetic/congenital defects which would cause death or the need to be humanely destroyed. In such an unlikely case, a written Veterinarian report, with autopsy if necessary, must be submitted in writing and signed by a licensed veterinarian. The puppy will be replaced at the SELLERS sole discretion.

SELLER DOES NOT cover parasites (internal or external), diarrhea, giuardia, coccdiosis upper respiratory (kennel cough), skin or coat conditions, mites , HYPOGLYCEMIA, these are treatable with medications and are the responsibility of the BUYER. Un-descended testicles, Umbilical or Inguinal Hernia or Cherry Eye are considered common in small breed dogs and are successfully treatable with small surgical procedures and are the responsibility of the BUYER. Uneven bite, ears that do not stand, coat, color, size, or breeding ability are not covered in this warranty as they are common among animals. Puppies are like children and are susceptible to infections and common illnesses. Problems such as diarrhea, coccidosis, worms, etc. are common and must be treated. Common illnesses that can be treated and cured with medications and veterinary care are not covered. All Veterinarian bills are the responsibility of the BUYER.

HYPOGLYCEMIA (low blood sugar) can occur in small puppies when introduced into a new environment, being alone for long periods of time, rough play, excessive exercise, food changes or not enough to eat. Please make sure your puppy is DRINKING WATER and EATS and gets plenty of REST. The occurrence of signs depends on how far the blood sugar level drops. Some of the signs of Hypoglycemia are: lethargy (lack of energy) weakness, unbalanced wobbling when walking, refusal to eat, etc. If puppy shows no desire for puppy food cook an egg or some chicken noodle soup to try and get puppy to eat. Once eating then you can correct the diet to better appropriate diet for puppy.

Buyer also agrees that at any moment or for any reason they are no longer able to provide a home for this puppy, it will be given back to the breeder and never taken to a kill shelter.

Buyer has had a chance to view a copy of this guarantee before deciding to purchase puppy and buyer agrees to these terms by the act of accepting the puppy and the terms of contract. Thank you for adopting this puppy. If I may be of further service to you please feel free to call me anytime.

If there is a need to prolong pick-up date there will be a $75 a week charge with an agreed promised pick-up date.