Once Upon A Havanese

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About Us                                                                         Our waitlist is out about 9 months.

Who We Are

At Once Upon A Havanese, we are focused on providing socialized and healthy pets.  We are a family of 5 (plus additions) that have fallen in love with the Havanese! 

We live in Manteca, California. 

We started with one at a time until almost each of us have our own fluffy.  We love dogs and they bring us much happiness.  We take pride in our well socialized pups.  We homeschool which gives us the opportunity to give our puppies much love and attention.  My kids help with much of the care, they almost always have a fluffy buddy helping with their school work. 

We also do a ministry in our home.  We take in families and individuals that need help.  You can read more information about our Ministry on the GLASS page under "more".

 Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. 

 I have added the contract to home page for easier access       1uponahavanese@gmail.com

Our Dogs:

Rosie Bear.               About 15 lbs.

Rosie, who answers to a first and last name, is our first chocolate havanese. She is our most favored parent for both color and personality. She likes to sleep upside down and throws her toys for herself. Rosie is now retired from breeding and is the acting nanny.


Jasmine has very beautiful coloring. With a personality that's always happy and ready to go explore she's hard to miss.  She has beautiful sable puppies that start out dark then lighten.  She has had all her OFA tests.

Duke.                                      About 15 lbs.

Duke is now our only male. He is very playful and puppy like. He has a good sturdy, strong build and silky hair.  Duke has been OFA tested. 

Primrose                               12 pounds

She is a true chocolate with hazel eyes.  Primrose has a very calm and observant personality, she almost directs us around with her eyes.  I can tell if she is tattling on someone with just her eyes. Primrose has been OFA tested. 

Bluebonnet                                  7.5 pounds

Blue is small sable.  She likes to think she's mommy's princess, wherever I am she's at my feet or waiting outside the door.  She is a bit silly and "dorks" around for attention.  She is also a talker.

"Blue" has been OFA tested.

Dahlia                                                 10 pounds

Dahlia is a black and white parti.  She is calm until the vitamins come out.  She likes being in any lap that will have her.

Why Us?

We have a very pure AKC breed and have many options of color and size.  We do not believe in Kennels but instead train and love our pets.  We do an extra parvo shot called NeoPar as well as the 5-way combo before puppies leave our home and all their deworming on schedule.  We also begin puppies on potty training and how to behave while being groomed.  We also give a one year health guarantee.

Because of receiving such a high volume of inquiries, I'd like to explain my waiting list here:

Deposits are $500

To get on the list is $100 deposit. 

 When puppies are born I will contact by email each on the list in order of deposit received.  Email announcement will have pictures, there will be 24 hours until the next on the list is emailed.  You may pick from the email pictures, or wait until first visit appointment at 3 weeks old.

The additional $400 is due when you have chosen your puppy.

Before making a deposit please email me and make sure you are approved with my short application on the Contact Us page.

Deposits can be made by check, PayPal or Venmo but Cash is required on pick up day.