Once Upon A Havanese

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Quotes Hugo is our first Havanese and we owe it to Heidi for being such a reputable breeder. Her puppies are extremely well cared for, socialized and have the most delightful temperaments. We had a tough time picking out our puppy because honestly each one was even more cute than the next! Heidi spent a lot of time with us and helped pick out the puppy that fit our family best. She has such knowledge about the breed and an understating of their personalities from such a young age. We were positively impressed by her and couldn?t help but falling head over heels for this breed! We have had him for a few months now and I can honestly say he is quite possibly the best dog I?ve ever had. Forever grateful to Heidi and her family for raising such incredible little animals. Quotes
Carolyn Johnstone
Cutest Dog on the Block

Quotes Cinderella is our first Havanese but not the first princess. She joins her current princess sisters Ariel (Yorkie) and Belle (Cavalier King Charles). I had purchased a female from another breeder only to be told the day before I was to pick her up she was going to give it to friend as a breeder I was upset. But everything happens for a reason, and the reason was we found the perfect four legged kid. I knew from the moment I spotted her she would be perfect. I give this breeder 6 STARS on a 1-5 scale. The puppy was best socialized of any kid I have purchased. A few minor crys the first day on the long ride home (4hrs). She slept through the first night and never an issue. At just over 3 months she?s 90% house broken. The only issue I have she did not come with an ON/OFF Swith! Ha. She is by far the happiest, funniest and joyful pup I have ever owned. You can?t find a better breader than Once upon a Havanese. Thanks Hiedi and Abagail Quotes
Mike Wehunt

Quotes Russ, aka "S'mores", is our family's first pet and we could not be any happier. He is the sweetest, most loving, and smart little fur ball and we cannot imagine life without him. Once Upon a Havanese did a wonderful job caring for and raising Russ for his first 8 weeks of life. He is now almost 8 mos and is about 15-16lbs and is as healthy as can be. Thank you so much for our little guy and we are thinking about getting a second so you may hear from us again ;) Quotes
Kristine Banzon-Fernando
Extremely satisfied and happy new owner

Quotes Levi is our 5th Havanese, the first from this breeder. We are exceptionally happy. He is gorgeous and has the best personality. We knew when we went to pick him up that he had been loved and well cared for. I would not hesitate to purchase another puppy from Once Upon A Havanese. Quotes
Christine Clover
Owner of the best breed of dog ever!

Quotes We picked up Riley last weekend and we could not be happier with him. He is our first pet and he has adapted to our home and family really well. He is super fun and learns really quickly. We have had him for almost a week and he has already learned to roam around the door when he wants to go potty; he has also learned a few tricks! He fetches his toys, he jumps when we jump and he greets each one of us with so much joy every time he sees us. He is super cuddly and loves playing when he is awke. Everyone who has met him says that he is the most adorable puppy they have ever seen, and he really is!! Heidi and her family have done an amazing job raising him for the first 8 weeks and the transition has been seamless. She also helped us with lots of really great advice to get him settled into his new home, which has made the job really easy. Thank you Heidi! Quotes
Georgette Kenney
Happiest person in the world