Once Upon A Havanese

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    I have decided to add this page to explain the ministry we have in our home.  It started in 2012 when we volunteered at the Hope Family Shelter.  We didn't plan on starting a longterm ministry in our home, in fact our home was and is not ideal for bringing extra people in.  We started with inviting a young couple and their baby to stay with us until they could get back on their feet.  Since then we have helped several families, individuals, and even some children.  Some success stories and some heartaches but it has been a blessing to be used in this way.  Our house is small and definitely not glamorous, but God finds a way to multiply what we give Him just like with the fishes and loaves.  Currently we have just filed guardianship of two teens that have an infant.  So when you come visit us to pick out your puppy, don't be surprised to see some extra people.  

    All of the profit from my puppies goes to supporting what we do.  Being that the people we share our home with have financial needs they are dependent on us.  We don't receive any aid of any type for their care.  Any income we we receive for raising these precious puppies goes to supporting our efforts to be a benefit to those who are in need of a home, food, and clothing to be able to get on their feet again.  We offer love and stability to those that may have never known that.  We are just a family that have opened up our home to help other families be restored, discipled, and learn of God's love.

   It is a blessing to be able to provide families with healthy and happy puppies and see the joy they bring!  We absolutely love our puppies!  In our case it's a double blessing, those that make one of our puppies part of their family in turn helps other families.  Families helping families...   the way the world should turn.

Above are a few success stories! We are blessed to call them family!

And this is us

We are simple, normal people.  Okay maybe not normal, maybe a little crazy.