Once Upon A Havanese

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This page is a replacement to the original Testimonials page because it wasn't working properly.

House of love! Sweetest doggies ever! ~ Joseph Gloria owner of Luke and Rey

So cute and funny. Your dogs are so happy and well cared for!!! ~Manon Santos owner of Bodie

Beautiful puppies, we just love our puppy, Delight, we named her Pua means flower in Hawaiian.  ~Lucille Triplett

Our puppy Sridevi has saved us during these challenging times. Thank you for providing the world with such great companions!  Rushi Sanathra

grateful to have two Rosie babies! they are the sweetest dogs ever!  ~ Carolyn Johnstone

So adorable. We have a Dahlia pup who is about to turn one. Best dog in the world! ~Monica Smith

our Norman who is almost 5 years old now. He has changed our lives so much for the better. Can't imagine life without our little guy. ~Cora Odra

Bentley! We love him sooooo much! He’s such a wonderful dog!  ~Kristina Ross

My 2 year old and our Havanese are best buddies. The only barking Otis does is when people get near my son and Otis has been like that since I was pregnant before he hardly barked. ~Kristen 

Rocco is incredibly patient and playful with kids. We couldn't be more in love with him.  ~Amy Norman